I was walking home the other day when i passed along my old school, granted that I was free for the whole afternoon – since it was a weekend – i tried to poke around the old alma mater and see what has changed since I left, within and without.
While inside, I was still able to recognize the place, although it was somewhat different years back, the old buildings have gone for refurbishment, and new ones are growing from the concrete soil. As I walked on, I began to take a journey through my old memory lane of middle-school; every step I took seems to pull me back further and further into my past. Students were walking down the hallway side-by-side; in twos, threes, and so on. Most of these kids were sporting the same brand of fashion – arm bracelets with those silver circular objects attached. These were some of the things I hated about middle-school, it was a big NO to walk along the hall alone, also, it was a taboo to not join the fashion trend that was setting for a particular moment – those apprehended for failing in doing such, was reserved for a spot in the middle school hall of shame.
I was still walking, seeing, and disbelieving all of this stupidity, when suddenly I saw this kid, a boy, talking animatedly to this girl while holding both her hands and pleading with his eyes. Without being able to contain my curiosity I approached the young couple:
‘Well give me a year or two, and I’ll mend my ways and see these mistakes and see the truth. Darling please trust me.’
I was taken aback by such words from this youngsters mouth, the girl-lady replied with a nod, and the lad with the good tounge pursued:
‘Thank you for believing in me now, because I do need it now.’
Yes, this concludes my trip down middle-school.

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