Empty Cages and Far-fetched Places

Au revoir! Circles, my nicotine-dependent friend. Long gone are the nights when you used listen to my non-sense blabber about life and bloodied tatters, of course, that was after you’ve taken your healthy hamster pint-sized shot of liquefied nicotine. The drama may end and suffer, but the effect of how the drug blends in your furry little body, in my eyes shall always linger. I somewhat recall how you would run around the wheel unabated of exhaustion, a revolution amidst your stride. That moment made me proud – like a father to his son – but it also made me sad.

I knew that inside me, those thighs will be the reason for your flight from this prison. A prison made out of velvet, sewn by these hands of purest intention, only betrayed when it tried to prune unripe affection. One night I came home tired but elated, but the season changed quickly and became faded, when father met me outside to tell me the dire situation; Circles has decided to leave and wander, never coming back; leaving only thoughts and dreams asunder.

What was once those nicotine-induced days shared by you and me? No more, I guess.
But with every end comes a beginning, its time to give it a rest; smile, give me your best.
Goodbye Circles, hearing and loyal friend

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