Prep School

When I was a little boy, more innocent than I am now, my only ambition was to become a lawyer. Sure I had other dreams, the usual dreams that other children during my age had; some wanted to be doctors, others policemen, and some superheroes. It wasn’t a honky-tonk world back then, you wake up whenever you want to wake up, spend the day without any toil or responsibility cast upon your shoulders, and sleep – a sound sleep – without worrying what would happen when the sun brings a new day. It’s like a clear day. Full of sunshine made alive by the warm summer breeze, no hint of clouds amidst the bottomless blue sky; a picturesque drawing of a younger Van Gogh when he still had two ears and a beating heart teeming with life.
During our recital in prep school, our teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up. We would line up at the side of this little stage and wait for our turn. There were some who wanted to become priests or nuns, others wanted to be businessmen, but the bulk of our innocent dream factory chose to become doctors or policemen. When the boy before me was finished (he wanted to become a traffic enforcer he said), my teacher beckoned me towards the stage. I took the mic from boy traffic enforcer and took out a piece of paper from my breast pocket. Nervous, I shoved the piece of paper right underneath my nose, while my other hand held the mic, I stated my ambition – and unbroken pact – that I wanted to become a lawyer.  The teacher asked me why, I fumbled with my paper and read to her word by word, “I want to be lawyer so that I can lower the dollar and increase the peso.” A moment of uneasy silence followed, in retrospect, I guess such an answer was uncommon for a 5 year old prep school student. Nevertheless, my teacher started to clap, which was followed shortly by my other classmates.
An unenthusiastic clapping from uninterested prep students probably, but for my ears back  then, these were tumultuous  applause from colleagues that had been genuinely impressed by what happened. After all,  it wasn’t a honky-tonk world then.

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