Blankets and Billows

I. Smoke
You’re like smoke
Heavier than gravity
Denser than the world’s

My head’s a spiral
While dragging another stick
Between my lips
As I whisper
A secret – a prayer –
Waiting for the wind shift

II. The Tide Turns Ships
Gray crashes above
The bottomless
Blue sky

As our stutters turn to stares
In this one way street affair
Grey gravitate those blue skies
We are Infinite – The ebb and flow of this affair

III. The Ties that Bind may also Strangle
I’ll pump battery acid
Into your inflamed loins
Suckling rose water
As I break your bones

Trace me with
Shrewd as thorns
My mouth, ears, pores, holes
Until you hit a nerve
A patch of dirt
The perfect laugh
Never let me go

IV. As This Bird Perch on my Shoulder
I have loved those feet
Because they have brought me
Closer to
You and I
Those same feet
That left me in secret
Stole my poems
And left a stain of make up
On my bedside

V. Sink
My bladder woke me
Today wet dreams
Of crying babies and
Raindrops through the ceiling
Wetting my bed

The bathroom’s used
The sink’s empty
I guess
Baby’s crying
Flushes the toilet
Everything’s quiet
Except for the drip drip
Of the empty sink

VI. Dissect
There are incidents that stick to you
Like dandruff
Or magnetic waves
Invisible but are there
That creates transparent storms inside your head
Swirling tides of white
Turning ships
Smashing on the shore breaking
Shimmering like a thousand razor blades
Cutting through flesh and turning
What was white
Hot red


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One response to “Blankets and Billows

  1. Nice rhyme actually.. pretty good :D…like it..
    You might also like some poetry here..

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